What our customers say:

“…I never tought that I was wrong at my trading time, FXTraderLog revealed me which are the most lucrative hours…”

“…after 3 weeks of usage, I realized that my average position time was 3 hours 12 minutes when I was wrong
and my winner positions were hold for 2 hours 5 minutes long…”

“… I felt in love with GPBCHF, but when FXTraderLog showed me a detailed forex trade statistics about my trades,
I had to realize that this forex instrument is not suitable for my trade strategy ….. of course I changed…”

“…Have been using this software I’ve got detailed statistics about my trade balance on each timeframe. I had to stop trading on short term because it was proven that on 5 mins I failed. From the time I got rid of it I have positive balance again……”